Peer Support and #WeStNs

25th August 2021 Written by Sam C. Palmer-Nash – Second Year Learning Disability Nursing Student I have always had an interest in coaching, mentoring, education, and peer support during my previous careers. In addition, I’ve loved showing new staff the ropes and enjoyed my role as supervisor. My journey into Learning Disability Nursing started in … Continue reading Peer Support and #WeStNs

It’s Rude Not to Stare

By Debbie Crickmore, retired Lecturer in Learning Disability Nursing from the University of Hull A benefit of retirement is that every day I’m able to be outside, enjoying fresh air and having space to think.  Like me, some of you may have seen the message – It’s rude not to stare – on posters at … Continue reading It’s Rude Not to Stare

Why Nursing?

By Chantelle Collier I applied to go to university quite late on in the year, as far as the application process goes. Normally things are all done, dusted and sent off to UCAS by mid-January. At that point last year, the only things on my radar were recovering from eating my body weight in selection … Continue reading Why Nursing?

Project allotment

I have currently been on placement with the Early Intervention Psychosis team. In my first week my supervisor had this idea of having an allotment group (inspired by another service user allotment), this would benefit the service users that they have within their service. I set out on fact/information gathering sessions looking at resources and … Continue reading Project allotment

Reflections from retirement

Reading about placements on the HUNS website, and recognising September 2020 nursing students were heading for their first experience, I felt moved to contribute some personal reflections.  On 4th June 2021, it’ll be 42 years since I started a three-year nurse training course at a local long-stay learning disability hospital (terminology of the time being … Continue reading Reflections from retirement


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