Meet The Team

PLEASE NOTE: Following our Annual General Meeting (AGM), we’re currently in transition to our new committee for the 2021-2022 academic year. As soon as we’ve crossed our T’s and dotted our I’s, this page will be updated with a new set of smiling faces! Be sure to check back soon!


Second year Adult Nursing student.

I am a mature student, starting my degree at 33 now that my two boys are settled in school. The value of nursing to me is the privilege of being able to connect with people on an intimate level, to care for them at their most vulnerable and to make a difference whilst having endless options to learn and develop my skills within an incredible diverse profession. I am a firm believer in advocacy and support within the student nurse community i am excited to build a strong community of individuals here at Hull to help raise one another up and build confidence. I am a gaming nerd, a relentless bookworm, a lover of Yorkshire tea, a proud Hufflepuff and I am forever a champion for inclusivity and unconditional, unapologetic self-love and acceptance.


First year Adult Nursing student.

I’m Ellis and i am a first year adult nursing student. I hold the role of social events officer, meaning that I organise and produce events for nurses across all platforms. I have an interest in wellness and ensuring that everyone takes time to look after themselves. I am also passionate about making sure that there is no gender within nursing. I feel that within the society there is still a huge stigma surrounding males in nursing, and I would love to be able to help change that thought. I love spending time with my friends and family and look forward to meeting you all.


Second year Adult Nursing student.

I am 33 and a mature student. I previously studied a history degree, graduating in 2013. I started working in schools as a teaching assistant then as a speech and language coordinator. The plan was to become a history teacher but my love for local history did not match the curriculum. I was really ill in 2016 which opened my eyes to the wonderful and not so wonderful nurses and i knew i needed to join the ranks. I love it so far. My only regret is not doing this 10 years ago.

I am a mum to a four year old and two teenagers, I am an avid reader, keen gardener and a terrible baker (according to my children).


Second year Learning Disability Nursing student.

I am a mature student at 30 and have a previous degree in criminology. At the time I was unsure what I wanted to do so I worked in a variety of roles. I then began working with adults with autism and other learning disabilities as a support worker. I worked in this role for 6 and a half years before wanting to be able to do more to support individuals with a learning disability which led me to university. I am very well organised and can not wait to build a great society.


Second year Learning Disability Nursing student.

I am 28 years old. I am a musician, a bit of a hippy and spend most of my time with my lurcher Reuben. I chose to study learning disability after seeing discrimination in health care, wanting to use my privilege to make a change. During my first year i have been a course representative which included representing students from all fields and years on the NMC panel where programme changes for nursing at the University of Hull were reviewed. I am also an RCN ambassador and member of the #WeStNs team on Twitter. I first studied music at Hull graduating in 2014. I was heavily involved in activities outside of my primary degree and was short listed for Outstanding Work the Students Union. Societies where a huge part of my university experience and was where I found my community. I noticed this was missing in nursing so I decided to start the society.


Third year Adult Nursing student.

I started out my nursing journey in 1996 as a buttercup girl, then completed a year on the nursing diploma however due to circumstances I left. I then started OT in 2006 but left after a year as i realised my passion was in nursing. I then gained qualifications in level 2 and 3 in childcare and then spent the next few years working in preschools. From there i then applied for the University Certificate course and the rest they say is history. Since being on the nursing course I have become a student ambassador and became an #Allourhealth champion which led me to do a presentation along side the head of nursing at the CNO summit earlier this year. For my own sanity I love going away in my caravan. I run (slowly) and I do pole fitness and aerial hoop and silks classes.


Second year Adult Nursing student.

I am a mature student starting my degree at 32. from the age of 16 until 23 I had various jobs such as receptionist, customer service advisor, claims advisor. in 2012 I become chronically ill. After some time I decided to change my career for something more meaningful. I became a home care worker and here I found my love for caring. In that time I did my level 2 in health and social care and was about to start my level 3 however, due to curiosity I applied for a trainee pharmacy advisor, which I was accepted for. Several months later I became a fully fledged pharmacy advisor, however 3 years later something was still missing. I heard about the University Certificate and applied. A year later I completed the course and then started the nursing degree. Nursing for me is about being there for those who need care and support, and being able to be a part of their journey. My dream job would be in district nursing, however anything can happen in these three years of nursing. I am passionate about getting students the recognition that they deserve, so I was very excited to be offered this position in the Hull University Nursing Society.

I am passionate about well-being and self care. I love yoga and meditation and anything to do with relaxing. I believe it is important to look after ourselves, if we are to look after others. I also love to explore and go on adventures. Being out side in nature is very therapeutic and heals the soul.