Meet The Team


Second year Adult Nursing student.

I’m a mature student, mama to a threenager, a major bookworm, and I’m also passionate about and have been interested in Nursing since I was small. I’m epileptic, and my family has spent a lengthy amount of time in the hospitals. We always joked that it was our second home and we should have VIP rooms for the amount of time we spent there. There was never any other option for me; I had to work and help people. Unfortunately, because of my epilepsy, I never finished college, so I went on to an apprenticeship instead and spent 7 years in a Solicitors firm in conveyancing. After I had my daughter I took the plunge and applied for the University Certificate! 2 years on and here we are, going into second year. It’s been the best decision I’ve ever made, and I will forever be grateful for the experiences and the friends I have made along the way.


Second year Mental Health Nursing student.

I’m Beth I’m a 23 year old mental health nursing student in my second year!
Whilst my professional background is a mixed bag of pub/bar work, offices and operating rides at Flamingo Land; my personal life is very much mental health and learning disability orientated.
Bit of a book worm. Love literally all genres of music other than classical, but I think country music has to be the top genre! Made some amazing friends on this course and this committee that I honestly think I will have for life.
I’m doing nursing because I never want anything within the mental health service that I am part of caring for to feel alone, scared or lost. I don’t think any other career would suit me better than this one.


Third year Adult Nursing student.

I am 33 and a mature student. I previously studied a history degree, graduating in 2013. I started working in schools as a teaching assistant then as a speech and language coordinator. The plan was to become a history teacher but my love for local history did not match the curriculum. I was really ill in 2016 which opened my eyes to the wonderful and not so wonderful nurses and i knew i needed to join the ranks. I love it so far. My only regret is not doing this 10 years ago.

I am a mum to a four year old and two teenagers, I am an avid reader, keen gardener and a terrible baker (according to my children).

Chantelle Collier (SECRETARY)

Third year Adult Nursing student.

I am a mature student, having started my degree at 33 once my two boys were settled in school. The value of nursing to me is the privilege of being able to connect with people on an intimate level, to care for them at their most vulnerable and to make a difference whilst having endless options to learn and develop my skills within an incredible, diverse profession. I am a firm believer in advocacy and support within the student nurse community i am excited to build a strong community of individuals here at Hull to help raise one another up and build confidence. I am a gaming nerd, a relentless bookworm, a lover of Yorkshire tea, a proud Hufflepuff and I am forever a champion for inclusivity and unconditional, unapologetic self-love and acceptance.


Third year Learning Disability Nursing student.

I am 28 years old. I am a musician, a bit of a hippy and spend most of my time with my lurcher Reuben. I chose to study learning disability after seeing discrimination in health care, wanting to use my privilege to make a change. During my first year i have been a course representative which included representing students from all fields and years on the NMC panel where programme changes for nursing at the University of Hull were reviewed. I am also an RCN ambassador and member of the #WeStNs team on Twitter. I first studied music at Hull graduating in 2014. I was heavily involved in activities outside of my primary degree and was short listed for Outstanding Work the Students Union. Societies where a huge part of my university experience and was where I found my community. I noticed this was missing in nursing so I decided to start the society.


Third year Learning Disability Nursing student.

I am a mature student at 30 and have a previous degree in criminology. At the time I was unsure what I wanted to do so I worked in a variety of roles. I then began working with adults with autism and other learning disabilities as a support worker. I worked in this role for 6 and a half years before wanting to be able to do more to support individuals with a learning disability which led me to university. I am very well organised and can not wait to build a great society.


Second year Learning Disability Nursing student.

I am Sam, a second year mature student studying learning disability nursing. My role within the society is Social Media Officer. I have worked with people with a learning disability for many years and feel that it is important for all branches of nursing to have an appreciation for each others branch of nursing through peer support.  I can support the society to achieve this as Social Media Officer by creating a safe, inclusive space where all branches can be mutually supportive of each other.

At the end of the day, when I want to unwind from all things nursing, I enjoy a boxsets marathon, socialising with my friends, have a newfound love for driving, I love a road trip!