Leadership & Saying No

I’m a student with a strong interest in leadership. I believe we all have capacity to be leaders regardless of our role or pay band. In order to ensure the best outcomes for those we care for, there are some situations where we have a duty to lead. 

I’ve taken the role of the leader in many situations. What I find harder, is sitting back and watching life happen. There are so many things to do and things to change. If I see something can be done or needs to be done, I feel a duty to try.

However, I’ve recently come to the realisation that sometimes, you just need to sit back and watch. If everyone is a leader and has leadership qualities, we need to learn from them. We won’t be able to do that if we’re busy or distracted with other projects.

Student nurses are always encouraged to gain competencies, saying yes to every available opportunity. However sometimes, you need to say no. Unfortunately, I can’t do everything, I need to focus on whatever it is I need to focus on today, and that is okay. Not just knowing but accepting this may be one of the biggest leadership qualities we need to learn.  

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