Friendship & the Nursing Society

By Demi Bell, Year 2 Adult Nursing Student

Learning throughout a pandemic, and with absolutely everything being online was hard. As a first year it was terrifying, because I thought I would be alone. How would I make friends if there was no way to meet anyone? Would I even make it through what is widely known as a difficult degree, with nobody to talk to?

I heard about the society, I immediately joined. When they asked for more committee members, I took the leap! Again, a scary step as a first, but honestly it was the best decision I’ve made in my university journey so far! I suddenly found myself in a friendship group, and truly they’re the best – they lecture me on boundaries, they bully me into resting when I need to, they pick me up when I’m down and are always there when I need them. That’s not even the best part! Me – the nerd, the book worm that didn’t have many friends as a teen – had found myself not only a group of friends, but a best friend!

Most of you will be aware that I’m the current President, and that Beth is the VP – well that little partnership sparked what I have no doubt will be a lifelong friendship. Did I think I would ever be best friends with her? Nope. All it took was one call about an event update, that lasted 3 hours because we then got distracted discussing other things. It went on like that for a while, phone calls, texts, facetimes multiple times a day. These days with eased restrictions, things look a lot different!

Not only did I make friends with Beth, but so has my toddler and my fiancé! Over the summer Beth went home, we travelled a few times to go to different events local to Beth, and to pick her up for trips to Dalby Forest. When Beth rings, my daughter likes to steal my phone to chat to her. Adam and Beth message daily just to insult each other. Beth has now moved back here for Uni, and within two days of her moving in I was there, complete with pj’s (that’s what besties are for right?). My kiddo also has her own stash of stuff at her house, I have my own box of teabags (I’m a tea snob and make no apologies for it), and my favourite Tassimo pods are always stocked. We have pumpkin picking already booked for spooky season and plans for Christmas (even though she hates it).

We have been through so much together in just a short period of time, with personal issues, big news, placement, and general university struggles. We’ve seen a house move together, we game together and we can communicate with just a look. She’s my soulmate, although you’ll hear us insult each other A LOT! It’s our love language.

So when I say to people that joining the society was the best decision I’ve made, I’m really not being biased. It genuinely was, because I am surrounded now by people that I can no longer imagine my life without.

Photo of Riley, Demi’s daughter and her new friend, Beth Allanson, year 2 Mental Health Nursing Student

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