Project allotment

I have currently been on placement with the Early Intervention Psychosis team.

In my first week my supervisor had this idea of having an allotment group (inspired by another service user allotment), this would benefit the service users that they have within their service.

I set out on fact/information gathering sessions looking at resources and how we would go about getting an allotment. My self not knowing anything about gardening or allotments this was the first big task for myself. 

We had email correspondence with the local council to find a suitable location and we got to visit the potential site with a service user who has an interest in nature and gardening. Once we found the site which was suitable for us the application went in and we looked at the funding for this project. 

The idea behind this project is to bring people outside into nature, to give a purpose. The health benefits off gardening can be beneficial to physical health, weight management and the positive impact it can have on a person’s mental health wellbeing. This will give people a timed activity three times a week with the hopes of bringing a purpose to someone’s day were at times there may not be. 

This has also had a positive benefit to one service user who during this process has been on board and heavily involved, who has now registered to be an approved allotment volunteer and will be spear heading the planning and potential running off this group. 

On my second to last week, we got the allotment keys, meaning the project was moving on full steam ahead we also were given the go ahead of £500 funding from a local charity. The potential for this allotment group can have a huge impact on service users, cares, and staff. This group will be so needed especial in these times off covid, plus this insures of if covid gets worse again and lockdown is needed then there is an outdoor space where groups can run in a safe environment. 

For myself seeing a project from concept to realisation is very confidence building for me and leaving an impact and something I can leave behind when I move on to my next stage off training.


Year 2 Mental Health Student Nurse / year 2 MH rep.

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