Who do I speak to about what?

Life as a student nurse is hard. It’s one of the toughest degrees as it requires so much personal sacrifice. Because of this, when you need to speak to someone or need help, it can be hard to know where to turn. 

So, we’re going to try to break it down into something you can read easily while you’ve got a spare few minutes on break during placement, want to look at something other than research for an assignment or you’ve invented time to fit reading this in while home educating (if you have – please tell us how!). 

The University of Hull (which we’ll refer to as UoH) and Hull University Students’ Union (which we’ll refer to as the SU) are two separate organisations who work closely together. 

UoH is responsible for the academic stuff like delivering teaching, timetables, room bookings (back when we went into rooms to learn) and the library. They also have a bunch of services available to help you through your degree, such as disability services, financial services, welfare services and loads more. 

The SU are a union that as a University of Hull student, you’re automatically enrolled as a member of. The SU regularly hold the university to account, with paid staff and elected members of the student body carrying this out. The main points of contact at the SU for students are the Presidents, who get elected by students each year. 

UoH support

University Course Staff

As a student nurse, you’ll probably hear the names personal supervisor, module leader and programme director thrown around. It can be difficult to work out who’s who. 

Personal Supervisor

A member of staff who has been assigned to you as a first point of contact and for pastorale support.  

Module Leader 

For each different module you’ll study, you’ll have a module leader. Your module leader and personal supervisor may be the same person. 

Programme Director 

There are different programmes of study in nursing: Adult, Child, Mental Health and Learning Disability. Within these fields, there are different programmes: undergraduate, postgraduate, trainee nursing associates (TNAs) and apprentices. 

The Programme Directors oversee the programmes. 

The Programme Directors at the time of writing this are:

Gail Foster – Adult Nursing 

Helen Sisson – Child Nursing 

Kirsty Fishburn – Mental Health Nursing 

Sharon Cooper – Learning Disability Nursing 

Academic Lead for Nursing 

Kate Bowers is currently the academic lead for nursing. She oversees the wider nursing programmes collectively. 

Director for Student Experience 

Lisa Revell is the Director for Student Experience, and is in regular contact with course representatives through Student Staff Forums.

Associate Dean for Student Experience 

Chris Wilcox is currently the Associate Dean for Student Experience. He is in regular contact with course representatives through Student Staff Forums. 

Dean of Health Sciences

Paul Hagan is the Dean of Health Sciences. He may be involved or aware of issues facing student nurses, and is the person to go to if all other routes have been tried.

Mental Health 

There are a few other useful resources that you may find useful on another one of our blogs, Drop in with Jacquie White [hyperlink]. 

Self Help and Wellbeing 

If you wish to contact a service confidentially, and/ or emotional or welfare support, you can self-refer via the following link: https://www.hull.ac.uk/choose-hull/student-life/student-support/self-help-and-wellbeing

Students’ Union support

Course Representatives 

There are several students who represent the various fields and programmes. They attend Student Staff Forums with staff, where they raise issues on behalf of students and communicate feedback to students. If you are not sure who your course representative is, ask your personal supervisor or email huu-representation@hull.ac.uk

VP Education 

Our elected representative, the VP Education is in regular contact with course representatives. 

VP Activities 

The VP Activities is aware of life of student nurses through the Nursing Society. 

My Portal 

If you have any questions or queries, you can submit them online via ‘My Portal’ (evision.hull.ac.uk/). 

To do so, login, then click ‘talk to us’ and select the option that is most relevant to your situation. 

Hull University Nursing Society would like to thank Lisa Revell and Chris Wilcox for their insight and contribution to this information. 

Please email hullnursingsociety@gmail.com if you have any further questions, which will then be forwarded to a course representative. 

Written by Sam Kitchen, Year 2 Learning Disability Nursing Student and Course Representative (s.j.kitchen-2018@hull.ac.uk). 

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