Staff Member of the Semester – Debbie Crickmore

Within the Hull University Nursing Society, we recognise the often herculean effort that staff members put into their day-to-day jobs and the support they give us as students. We wanted a way to recognise staff within the university that have been second to none in their roles, that have either taught, supported or otherwise helped to make students lives that little bit better. Thus, the “Staff Member of the Semester” was born! We’ll be using this as a way to highlight staff members that for whatever reason, have been especially wonderful. Welcome to our first edition!

When our first President Sam (now our fab Advocacy Officer) thought up the idea of creating a nursing society for the students studying any discipline of nursing at The University of Hull, she needed advice and support. Sam sought this out from the staff at the university, and the first lecturer that Sam spoke to was Debbie.

Debbie gave Sam some invaluable support, advice and insight which Sam took and created the society we all now know and love. But Debbie’s support didn’t stop there, it continued throughout the creation of the society and in the implementation of various ideas. Debbie spoke with different committee members about our plans and how they would work. She also kindly reviewed the contents of our members’ Welcome Pack and offered suggestions for its improvement and bits we might want to add. As the society has progressed throughout the year she has remained a valuable ally in making the society what it has become.

As well as her help in creating the society, Debbie has been an excellent support for the students she works with as a learning disability nurse lecturer. Debbie has been on call as much as she can to help students get the most out of their education in these strange, challenging times and has been wonderful in communicating with and supporting students with any problems and issues as they arise. Given that things are, and have been, subject to change so quickly throughout the past year, along with the resulting confusion and stress that many students have been feeling (within university life as well as any resulting personal issues), these are attributes that have been invaluable in helping so many. However, after working at the university for 20 years Debbie has now decided to retire. So, what better way to honour a fantastic lecturer who has given countless students support and helped shape our society than by showing her just how much she has been appreciated!

So, thank you Debbie for helping us set up this society and all your hard work at the university!

If you would like to nominate someone to receive the Staff Member of the Semester award, please pop an e-mail across to our society inbox – we would love to hear what amazing things our lecturers and other staff have been up to!

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