The STaR Project & Blog Award

Today we’re highlighting the STaR project, the wonderful work they have been involved with and an award they have kindly given to the society for one very special blog contributor!

The STaR project is a University of Hull based study funded by the Burdett Trust for Nursing. The project aimed to Support the Transition and Retention of Newly Qualified Nurses (NQNs). You can read more about the project and the team behind it here, (and be sure to follow them on Twitter!) but in brief, a three-phase study was undertaken, which resulted in the team creating a toolkit aimed to help NQNs and their employers. The toolkit is available online, and can be accessed for free here.

With regards to the Hull University Nursing Society, the STaR project team have been supporters of ours from the start, recognising the potential positive impact that the creation of this community would have on student nurses. They understand the trials and tribulations of life as a student nurse and the transition process when we are newly qualified, and have been very eager to communicate with us and more than happy to assist us, lending their expertise in any way they can! Our previous society President (now our wonderful Advocacy Officer), Sam Kitchen, wrote this blog for the project back in September 2020, discussing setting up the society and the importance of creating spaces for student nurses to connect, share stories and evolve together.

The STaR project recognises the importance of blogs, and very kindly donated a £50 Amazon voucher to the society as a prize for our best blog post.

It was unanimously agreed within the committee that the anonymous blog post, ‘Sunshine After the Storm’ should be the recipient of this award. If you haven’t yet read the piece, I would wholeheartedly recommend you pop over and have a look. The post does a wonderful job of helping to highlight struggles with mental health, and tells a personal, heartfelt story of one students journey into nursing and the overcoming of personal trials.

It is, to date, the blog piece that has received the most positive comments and feedback from members of the society and the wider nursing community, with individuals coming forward to thank the author for helping them to feel less alone in their own struggles, and for giving such issues a voice. The STaR project agreed that this post was incredibly moving, and definitely deserving of the award.

The author has now been presented with the voucher, with huge thanks to the STaR project for facilitating this very well-deserved recognition. Hull University Nursing Society would like to thank the team at the STaR project for their continued support, especially Dr Jane Wray. You have been fantastic, and we look forward to continuing to work with you!

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