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Hello everyone! This blogpost is going to focus on interviews tips for your staff nurse job! Eek how exciting applying for your job will give you the final push and finally see the light at the end.

University at this time of year will have a careers event for healthcare student (I have seen that it will be virtual this year!). This will involve different trusts coming from local and surrounding areas and showcasing what they have to offer! They will usually offer you the chance to have an interview in the next few months, so it is worth speaking to them and also getting the interview lined up. The trust that I currently work at held nursing open days for nursing students, were they talked about what they have to offer in terms of support and what made them a great area to work in and also, they can interview you on the same day!

Now that you have your interview lined up and that you are ready to go, here are some tips to ace the interview:

• Think back to your Nursing interview when you applied for Uni. They will ask you questions such as why you want to be a nurse and think of the 6C’s and how you have used them in practice as a student and how you can transfer them into practice as a qualified nurse.

• Think of “buzz” words such as your 6C’S, evidence-based care, patient safety, person centred care etc…

• Think back to your time on placements as they can ask you questions on what you would do as a newly qualified nurse in a situation such as speaking to patient family etc…

• Be calm! Take a few deep breaths before the interview starts and take time to think about your answers. The interviewers will want you to succeed so just take your time and be calm.

• Look at the trust values and how you will practice them as a nurse and why they are important to you and the trust.

• Look at the NMC Code and also why it is important to you, colleagues and also the patients as well.

• Lastly you can do this! I get really nervous with interviews and if I could do it I’m sure you can!

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If anybody does have any questions or want any advice on interviews, I’m more than happy to help!

My twitter is @ellieyates204

Good luck and you can do this!

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