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Stereotypes of Men in Nursing

Written by Anthony (AJ) Paterson, Year 3 Mental Health Nursing Student I woke in bed one morning and with my hazy eyes I opened twitter to scroll though and what catches my eye, a blog about males nursing on the Hull nursing society’s page. As I read this beautifully written blog it got me thinking. … Continue reading Stereotypes of Men in Nursing

Leadership & Saying No

I’m a student with a strong interest in leadership. I believe we all have capacity to be leaders regardless of our role or pay band. In order to ensure the best outcomes for those we care for, there are some situations where we have a duty to lead.  I’ve taken the role of the leader … Continue reading Leadership & Saying No

Men and Student Nursing

Becoming a student nurse and being a male is never something I have ever thought about. I am the only male in our small cohort of fourteen student nurses specialising in learning disabilities. However, I have heard that for some males, it is something they have thought about and at times worried about.  The main … Continue reading Men and Student Nursing

Friendship & the Nursing Society

By Demi Bell, Year 2 Adult Nursing Student Learning throughout a pandemic, and with absolutely everything being online was hard. As a first year it was terrifying, because I thought I would be alone. How would I make friends if there was no way to meet anyone? Would I even make it through what is … Continue reading Friendship & the Nursing Society

Peer Support and #WeStNs

25th August 2021 Written by Sam C. Palmer-Nash – Second Year Learning Disability Nursing Student I have always had an interest in coaching, mentoring, education, and peer support during my previous careers. In addition, I’ve loved showing new staff the ropes and enjoyed my role as supervisor. My journey into Learning Disability Nursing started in … Continue reading Peer Support and #WeStNs

Why Nursing?

By Chantelle Collier I applied to go to university quite late on in the year, as far as the application process goes. Normally things are all done, dusted and sent off to UCAS by mid-January. At that point last year, the only things on my radar were recovering from eating my body weight in selection … Continue reading Why Nursing?